Money Back Guarantee


It’s hard to try something new. I get it. But I have experienced the satisfaction of those who have gone before you and so I feel pretty confident you will be satisfied too.


Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions:

Appointment means the time scheduled for providing the Services to the client.

Client/you means the person who has attended the appointment and received the services.

Offer means the money back guarantee.

Premises means the physical building where the appointment for the services takes place.

Services means a Body Mapping session.


You agree that these terms and conditions apply to a claim for the Offer.

Claiming the Offer

You must attend the whole Appointment in order to claim the Offer.

You must pay for the Services prior to the Appointment in order to receive the Offer.

If payment is reserved until the end of the Appointment and a claim would like to be made, the claim becomes one of a free Service.

You may only make a claim for the offer at the end of the Appointment.

Once the Appointment has ended and the client has left the Premises the offer expires and no claim can be made.

To validate your claim you must state before you leave the Premises that you have neither experienced or felt any change since the beginning of the Appointment.

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