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$150 for 1-2 hours

 This package facilitates a customized spiritual treatment to address your needs.

In ancient cultures the medicine man or woman would be the person with one foot in this world of ordinary reality and one foot in the world of Spirit.

For the purposes of this Shamanic Healing, I will seek help from the world of Spirit by travelling (“journeying”) there. Whilst there, I will receive information that is relevant to you, the one seeking healing. This may come in any form however the most common format I follow is to first do an Extraction (removal of unwanted spiritual parasites that get picked up in day to day living), followed by a Power Animal Retrieval ending with a Soul Portion Retrieval.

 If I receive any other information or practices that need to be undertaken (such as a self-journey etc.) I will consult with you first to ensure you are comfortable.

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$85 per hour

Completely guided by Spirit and Intuition, I will tune into your body’s system and communicate with it using Touch Therapy. This modality largely works with the neuromuscular, nervous and meridian system which is the pathway of the thoughts and emotions to the brain. Every thought is registered by the nervous system. When we are not able to take time to deal with situations at hand, our body will store the thoughts and emotions in the body for the mind to come back to later when it is ready. This can sometimes result in a lack of range of motion, pain or discomfort or the feeling of emotional numbness. There has been a large amount of research conducted proving the benefits of visualisation to enhance the bodies healing. Therefore the use of visualisation in conjunction with tapping and pressure powerfully releases stuck or stored emotions in the body to produce a greater range of motion, less pain and the general feeling of lightness.

If there are deeply rooted emotions stored in the body I will use guided meditation and/or hypnosis to help bring them to the surface to be cleared.

It should be noted that as with any treatment provided by myself, you are in charge of your healing. You must be ready for change, ready to feel better and ready to take control of your own healing journey. I am merely a facilitator and mediator between you and your body. You are a powerful being and you have the power to heal yourself.  Any choices you make and actions you take are yours to own. But I will thoroughly enjoy empowering you to get there.

$85 for up to 1.5 hours

Shamans in many cultures have been relied upon by their tribes and communities to be able to read the signs and messages held in nature all around us, available to us all the time. One of these modes used was a type of rock gazing where the Shaman would sacredly connect to the land, specifically the Stone Beings, and select a rock. They would choose one that could fit in the palm of their hand and had 4 sides. In a Rock Divination session, Alicia will guide you through discovering and reading your own messages direct from nature in answer to your questions or queries.