What is a shamanic witch?



It’s so easy to get caught up in terminology in this modern era. I have come across so many different and evolving urban definitions on things that I sometimes find myself feeling as though I am listening to a language I do not understand.

It seems everyone is applying their own spin on things. On what things mean to them – which I love (push those limitations!). It just involves the additional step of communicating so that everyone is on the same page.

Which brings me here. Through learning shamanic techniques, doing my own research, exploring my past lives and connecting with the magic of nature, I have personally thus far concluded there is not too much difference between a Shaman and a Witch (depending on how you define a witch of course).

We all probably have some idea of a Shaman. The Tribal Witch Doctor. The one who is chosen or next in lineage and taught the skills of connecting with spirits (and there are many – spirits of the land, plants, sky etc. etc.) and then their predecessors along with Spirit teaches them information or healing properties that were otherwise unknown. This information was (and still is) invaluable.

Move on over then to the medieval/Germanic era and there you will find a similar story. Witches/Druids/Magicians – whatever name they were assigned, crossed the barrier between this world and the other. The world of Spirit where knowledge is vast and free flowing, readily available for anyone who dares to walk with one foot in this physical world and one foot in theirs, bringing information back to help with healing or important decisions.

Of course I am not an expert on these topics but it is this perspective that lead me to choosing the term Shamanic Witch. Because I cannot say I am a shaman, I simply practice their techniques.

But I can say that I walk this physical earth with one foot in this world and one foot in the world of spirit. They teach me and guide me and urge me to pass on what I have learnt so I can live my life in service, helping others.

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